Bad Kitten

 Jeana Bishop stood over her lover, crimson lips curled in a smile. The man, forty-five-year-old Jack Richardson of the Happy Man Club, gripped her slender ankles. His green eyes sparkled from the light sneaking in from the hotel window. Sweat beaded down his neck as he begged for his life. “Come on, kitten. Be reasonable,… Continue reading Bad Kitten


Lola’s Lesson on Friendship

Nicole Espolong followed her grandma Maria, whom she adoringly called lola, silently for as long as she could. “Lola!” the exasperated pre-teen halted, arms akimbo. “What are we doing here?” Lola paused, turning with a smile. She laughed, “hay naku, you’ll see!” They had gotten off the bus and were wandering into an area new… Continue reading Lola’s Lesson on Friendship