The Big Sleep

Zena woke from a century-long slumber with a dull migraine. She stretched her numb muscles as the pod door opened, Captain Lewis stood to greet her. “Happy awakening,” his voice was raspy from years of rest. He took her hand and helped her out of the cryogenic chamber. “Captain Lewis,” Zena saluted before looking around… Continue reading The Big Sleep


How to Get Over Writer’s Block

You sit at your favorite dining room chair, the one by the window that's angled in a way you won't get a glare on your laptop screen but you can still the outside world. This is your designated writing time, your chance to catch up on your work-in-progress without distractions. You wiggle your fingers over… Continue reading How to Get Over Writer’s Block

5 Online Places to Submit Poetry

I have been in love with poetry since the sixth grade, I remember typing up my poems and binding them to make little books that I shared with others. I remember my first collection was titled 'Midnight Concert'. Now I continue with self-publishing online, places like Kindle Direct Publishing make it surprisingly easy. Though when I'm… Continue reading 5 Online Places to Submit Poetry