She Comes Here…

This is the first Writing Prompt Wednesday post, so I’ll bore you first with three basic details;

  1. It’s a Wednesday
  2. I’ll post a writing prompt for you to interpret
  3. I’ll respond to it too


Now it’s time for the real fun, today’s prompt;

“She comes here when she aches…”


She comes here when she aches, when she fears that her body might cave in from the pressure of the real world. She slams her hiking boots on and climbs into a cozy coat; she’ll find her way to Forest park. Sometimes by bus, sometimes by bike. Though on a day like this – a sky so blue it couldn’t be real – she knows she should walk. Once she is surrounded by the Evergreens and the hidden tweeting birds she can breathe. This is not a normal inhale, this is to bring in the peace of emerald foliage, and to exhale the stress of Stumptown work life. Maybe she should move out of her overpriced studio, stop paying her bills and take the woods as her own. No one needs Netflix or Facebook when they can skip misshapen stones down creaks or call out people from the top of a rolling hill without being heard. She comes here when she aches because she knows the kind forest will heal her worries and calm her nerves.


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