The Magic in Finding Love

Happy Writing-Prompt-Wednesday!

“Jade didn’t care for the real world and its lack of magic…”

Jade didn’t care for the real world and its lack of magic. She was a hopeless romantic in that way, in the way she desired to be wowed by sunsets, to be amazed by waves crashing on the rocks below a lighthouse, to be left in awe by the passing wind in her flowing hair. True magic, the kind overlooked by a desk job and long commutes by train. Jade wasn’t apathetic to her fellow neighbors, but she couldn’t bring herself to do more than smile back after a early morning wave or a late night greeting. She saw how deep they were into their virtual lives to escape their mundane work stress, and it made her want more from life.

So on June 12th, a day she could not and would not ever forget, she knew it was magic that walked by. She was short, almost elfish with black cascading curls and a creamy-coffee colored complexion. Jade didn’t know it yet, but every kiss would be a sunset of inflamed colors, every hello would be ocean waves dancing on rocks, every embrace would be the wind playing in her hair.

Magic, the one element she craved because her world lacked it, was embodied by this nearly ethereal stranger in a daisy-printed maxi dress. And all it took to capture that desired element was, every so excited yet careful, a hello followed by a smile.


Don’t forget to write and share your own response to the prompt. Thank you and, until next time, enjoy every ounce of magic within reach.



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