David’s Proof of God

“The time had come, David was finally going to capture a photo of…”


The time had come, David was finally going to capture a photo of God. Or really the worldly embodiment in nature as he saw God as an eco-spiritualist. David’s heart fluttered as he unpacked his camera, the high altitude of the mountain was giving him a Cloud Nine sensation. He cleared his mind of work-related stress as he took several steps forward, his green eyes scanned the vast beauty of the mountain top.

There, he thought to himself as he knelt down. A puddle of water so clear it was a mirror to reflect the clouds pocked with pockets of sapphire blue sky. His heart thumped excitedly as he took the picture; a perspective of a morning sky no one’s had today. When he was pleased with the he stood, moving farther from the trail head.

Beautiful, his thoughts tried to take in everything he saw. If only his memory was as good as the camera. The lone flower was petite, almost easy to miss among the rocks if he hadn’t been looking. He prepared the shot, adjusting shutter speed and playing with the background noise. It was delicate with lilac-colored petals ready to be torn away by a gust of wind. Click, click. For security he took two to be lightly edited later. He went for another.

“What are you doing up here?” a gentle voice broke into his concentration.

“Hmm?” David jolted, standing straight with his camera almost dropping out of his hands. “Don’t do that! Who just sneaks up on a stranger?”

“Sorry,” the man apologized with downcast eyes. “It’s just that the hike was lonely and I could use a good musing.”

“Just be careful, luckily I’m just a photographer or else I coulda had a gun instead of a camera.”

The man shrugged with a smile, “hey, any hunter up here would be wasting their time unless they hoped for the occasional migrating Goose.”

“Ha, true.” David lightened up, “I’m David by the way. I didn’t think anyone would be up here.”

“My name’s Saul,” he answered. “Not many do make it to here, the climb can be pretty steep. Though I just come to write about the mountain and the horizon.”

David’s eyes took in Saul’s face with gentle features complimenting kind hazel eyes and neatly sculpted cheek bones. Saul looked to be the same age as David, though he was stronger with broad shoulders and toned arms under a flannel long sleeve. Saul was, to be blunt and simple, photography gold. A true catch of natural beauty. He cleared his throat as if to silence the thudding of his heart, “could I take your photo?”

Saul looked curious, “mine?”

“It’s just that, uhm, the way you stand against the rocks with the sun highlighting your dark hair seems, well, so fascinating and bewitching.”

Saul laughed before moving into a pose with a dazed, far off look. He asked, “how’s this?”

“Wonderful,” David got into position, focusing through the view finder, as he adjusted the settings to capture Saul in what appeared to be a moment of wonder. This is it, he thought with reddening cheeks, this is what God would look like.


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