5 Online Places to Submit Flash Fiction

Follow your dreams (15)Submittable has become my favorite platform for finding literary publishers and sending off new pieces. It allows you to find open submissions fitting your craft while keeping track of sent, accepted and rejected pieces.

So, to kick off my New Year’s resolution of submitting four original pieces every month, I am sharing five that have no fee, no deadline, no bullshit.

1. The Molotov Cocktail is seeking flash fiction between 300 and 1,000 words – they aren’t messing around when they warn against going over the word count. They want work that is thought provoking, surreal and unsettling in a precise amount of words. If you can wow them, follow the links below.

Molotov Cocktail Site

Molotov Cocktail Submission

2. Newfound is also seeking flash fiction under 1,000 words. They are a Texas based non-profit publisher that focuses on how a place can impact understanding, imagination and identity.

Newfound Site

Newfound Submission

3. Out of the Gutter Online is seeking flash fiction under 1,000 words that will knock their socks off. If you have a funny drunk tale gone awry or a tragic joke-of-a-hero legend, this may be the right place for you. They don’t just want smut, they want well written smut.

Out of the Gutter Site

Out of the Gutter Submission

4. Yemassee is the official journal of the University of South Carolina. Amongst poetry and short stories they also seek flash fiction that might tickle their fancies and make them excited about life all over again.

Yemassee Site

Yemassee Submission

5. Elsewhere wants flash fiction that challenges the genre while making you think and feel about what you’ve read. A lot of their previously published pieces carry an edgy, poetic vibe of telling story and place.

Elsewhere Site

Elsewhere Submission

Other honorable mentions: Flash Fiction

2018 is not going to save us, make us better, bring our dreams into reality. It is only another opportunity to chase what we desire and to hone our skills. Though as brilliant or creative as we might be, it would still mean nothing if we did not read, write, submit.

Read, write, submit. Read, write, Submit. Read, write, submit.

Follow your dreams (16)Read as many articles, poems, blogs, blurbs, novels, and descriptions as you can. Write as many blogs, tweets, posts, and stories as you can. Submit everywhere you can – but only to the appropriate outlets and only with original work. Submitting the same one piece to twenty magazines may increase your odds of getting it published, but I’ve learned that if you submit twenty different pieces out into the world you become stronger at your craft. This is what my experience has taught me.




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