3 Foodie Things I Learned this Morning

This morning I woke at 2 am and had trouble sleeping. I figured, why waste a good chunk of alone time? So, I dived into the internet to see if I could learn some cool new facts about the “foods” I loved most, but knew so little ofFollow your dreams (8).

According to this Huffington Post article Europeans used to call coffee “Arabian wine”. I love that, I vote that we bring that back. Of course, that’s because before coffee even came to be the name it was once called “qahhwat al-bun” or “wine of the bean”. This isn’t information that will someday save my life, but it has made it better, more beautiful. I’ve written many poems about or alluding to coffee, but never did I think to call it the “wine of the bean” or “Arabian wine”. I think I will moving forward now.

Follow your dreams (9)Speaking of wine, I learned an interesting fact from Discover Magazine . Apparently in the European Union “wine” strictly refers to a product derived from grapes. Which is interesting since you can make wine, or fermented giggle juice, from blackberries, pineapples, durians, and so on. If I went into a market that didn’t classify these drinks as wine, how would I find them? Would they even sell them? I’m amused and bothered.

Follow your dreams (10).jpgBy the way, durian is the stinkiest fruit in the world. Hands down. I wouldn’t doubt it, though it tastes pretty great, apparently digesting it can have a warming effect on the body. So says Global Healing Center which also explained that the same can be said of garlic and cinnamon.

Now, as I sip my Arabian wine, I wonder if these party conversation starters were worth the loss of thirty minutes of prime sleeping time.


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