5 Online Places to Submit Poetry

I have been in love with poetry since the sixth grade, I remember typing up my poems and binding them to make little books that I shared with others. I remember my first collection was titled ‘Midnight Concert’.

Now I continue with self-publishing online, places like Kindle Direct Publishing make it surprisingly easy. Though when I’m not making my own collections, I get a thrill out of submitting to literary magazines and anthologies. There is something beautiful about creating a bigger picture with others.

So, down below, I have found five online places that I’ve enjoyed submitting to so far. I have found them through Submittable which is my favorite platform for submitting and keeping track of pieces.

  1. Other Magazine is based in Florida but believes in supporting the poetry of artists everywhere. They seek original pieces about ‘eras’ for their current issue. They are the misfit magazine, the place for all things unique and odd.  Submit by the 13th of January to be considered for OTHER
  2. Flare: The Flagler Review is accepting poetry that is “fresh and organic”, even experimental in form. If that sounds like your craft, submit to Flare
  3. The Poet’s Haven wants poetry that is free in form and thought, though they make it clear they will not accept anything heavy in religion. This is to keep Poet’s Haven a safe and open-minded place for all writers. If you put more thought into emotion than length or style, consider Poet’s Haven
  4. Anapest is a small literary journal focusing on poetry. They publish one poem a day online and then collect them at the end of the month to be published together on ISSUU. Check out Anapest and find out more about the poetry they adore.
  5. The Paragon Journal accepts up to eight original poems per submission for their anthologies. Their current anthology, due in May, is about travel. What does it mean? Where have you been? What makes us travel? If you have the answer, write for The Paragon Journal

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